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Tiffany Lee
Regional Sales Director
East Asia and Rest of World
Located in Singapore
E: tiffany.lee@up.education

Alice Pham
Regional Recruitment Manager – Indo China (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos)
Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
E: alice.pham@up.education

Sue Oh
Senior Regional Sales Manager – North Asia and South East Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore)
Located in Seoul, South Korea
E: sue.oh@up.education

Christian Sutisna
Regional Recruitment Manager – Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Thailand
Located in Jakarta, Indonesia
E: christian.sutisna@up.education

Josephine Lao
Senior Regional Recruitment Manager – Australia
Located in Sydney, Australia
E: josephine.lao@up.education

Ian Luo
Regional Recruitment Manager – Australia
Located in Melbourne Australia
E: ian.luo@up.education

Bilal Al-Titi
Senior Regional Recruitment Manager
Europe, Middle East, Africa and Americas
Located in Melbourne, Australia
E: bilal.al-titi@up.education

Ritu Sharma
Senior Regional Recruitment Manager – South Asia
Located in Delhi, India
E: ritu.sharma@up.education

Regional Recruitment & Operation Coordinator – South Asia (India, Sri Lanka and Nepal)
Located in Delhi, India
E: priyanka.priyanka@up.education

Jaspreet Kaur
Regional Operation Coordinator – South Asia (India, Sri Lanka and Nepal)
Located in Delhi, India
E: Jaspreet.kaur@up.education

Andy Jia
Regional Recruitment Director – China and NZ Onshore
Located in Nanjing, China
E: andy.jia@up.education

Nicole Lu
Regional Recruitment Manager – West China (including Inner Mongolia)
Located in Chengdu, China
E: nicole.lu@up.education

Joy Zhao
Regional Recruitment Manager – North China
Located in Shijazhuang, China
E: joy.zhao@up.education

Rachel Ou
Regional Recruitment Manager – South China
Located in Guangzhou, China
E: rachel.ou@up.education

Karin Li
Regional Recruitment Manager – East China
Located in Nanjing, China
E: Karin.Li@up.education

Imran Sayani
Regional Recruitment Manager – Pakistan
M +92 3218712110 | Skype imran_sayani
E: imran.sayani@up.education

Joey Wang
Regional Recruitment Manager- Hong Kong, Macao, Japan and Taiwan
M+886-966 401531 | Skype joy_biscuit | LINE 0306joey | WhatsApp +886966401531
E: Joey.Wang@up.education

Team located in Auckland, New Zealand

Roy Wen
Regional Recruitment Manager – New Zealand
E: roy.wen@up.education

Han Zhang
Regional Recruitment Manager – New Zealand
E: han.zhang@up.education

Ying Lin
Regional Recruitment Operations Manager – New Zealand
E: ying.lin@up.education


Any other regions/enquiries

Chris Kelso
Group International Sales Director
Located in Hong Kong, SAR
E: chris.kelso@up.education


New Zealand Vocational Team

Jennifer Zhang
Senior Regional Recruitment Manager
Yoobee Colleges – NZ Onshore and China
Located in Auckalnd, New Zealand

Shingyi Kim
Senior Regional Recruitment Manager
M +64 21854658 I Whatsapp +64 21 832848
E: shingyi.kim@up.education

Nazyd Ahmed
General Manager – Recruitment (South Asia)
NZMA and Yoobee Colleges – South Asia and Rest of World
Located in Japan