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Yoobee Screen & Film students benefit from Industry mentor

18 Oct 2018

Connections are everything in the creative industries, and Yoobee’s Animation and Film Production (AFP) tutor in Christchurch – Heather O’Leary invited an old friend – Wellington Producer, Jaimee Poipoi, from Electric Shoelace Productions, to speak to the AFP and Screen Production class about her experience to date.

Jaimee is a creative at the core, and has worked independently on productions as well as for big production companies such as Pukeko Pictures and Weta Digital. Her extensive background in the film industry was invaluable in providing direction to the students who are currently working on their Film Production Summative.

The Screen Production level 6 class are also working on their Commercial Studio Summative, with the guidance of tutor Micheal Lucas, and were working with real life clients. Jaimee was very impressed by how focused the level 6 students were and their inquisitive questions on life after graduation. Jamie shared her experiences on the various roles she had, as well as differences in the pathways students can take. There were also practical tips shared, such as safety on the set, and the importance of keeping in touch with contacts you come across in the industry.

Reflecting back on her meeting, Jaimee found the students to be very passionate about what they’re doing, and admits that she was very careful not to be too prescriptive in her approach. A special note for students who were working with Documentaries was to look at the site Loading Docs to be a great platform for Documentary Filmmakers. Jaimee also provided feedback on how to pitch your ideas clearly and communicating those key moments in your film that could connect well with the audience. She enjoyed getting to know the students, having a glimpse into who they are, and how she can connect them with others in the industry. Jaimee believes that they’re the upcoming Filmmakers and Directors who will be taking over the future of the industry. She encouraged graduates not to be afraid to try on different entry roles within the production and that being part of the Unit (Food and Beverage) is equally as important as the other roles. Keeping the Director well looked after with food and drinks also gets them the best point of view and learning opportunities. Jaimee is planning to return in the next few months to deliver a talk at Yoobee.