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University Partnerships

“I hope to use my experience and knowledge to help people around me.”

19 Apr 2018

Pathways graduate Haoting (Tina) Hou from China is an ACG Ambassador at the University of Auckland. She’s studying Commerce and aims to be a qualified auditor.


My name is Tina Hou. I’m 20 years old and I am currently doing my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Auckland, majoring in accounting and commercial law. I made one of the most important decisions in my life four years ago – to study in NZ. The main reason I decided to come to NZ is that I like exploring and NZ is such a great place to explore nature and many people here come from different backgrounds.

ACG Pathways is the first college I entered in NZ. It really helped me a lot in meeting new friends, understanding NZ and fitting into the local community. What I learnt in Foundation studies made me feel confident and made my studies at the University of Auckland much easier.

My highlight is the time I spent with my friends – I always want to go back to those times we had lunch at the common room or studied at the library.

My favorite thing about NZ is people’s kindness and acceptance. As a newcomer to NZ, I was offered so many opportunities and I can always feel people’s kindness towards me.

The main reason for choosing a Bachelor degree at the University of Auckland is that I found an interest in accounting during my study at ACG. I have never regretted it because I always find what I am learning interesting and useful. My favourite part of my degree is the teamwork project because it’s great practice for the future.

One day I hope to use my experience and knowledge to help people around me. That’s why I would love to be an auditor where I can bring value to clients and the community. I can see myself staying in NZ and becoming a qualified auditor in five years. I can also see myself meeting more people and having more great experience in NZ.

I am very proud of my volunteering experience and part-time job experience in NZ, because I think the best way to understand a place is to have exposure to different people. And the best way to meet people is to work at different environments. This is my third time being an ACG Day Ambassador. I find this experience amazing because I can guide new students just like somebody guided me three years ago.

My advice to those considering a Pathways course is to take up every opportunity and experience. At the end of the day, we won’t remember the Maths we do or the essay we write, but we will remember the experiences when we try hard or work hard.

Coming to NZ will give you those fabulous experiences.


Tina completed the University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies at ACG Pathways.