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University Partnerships

ACG Pathways embraces innovative learning model

09 Nov 2017

ACG Pathways is embracing ‘flipped learning’ to ensure students get the most out of their time in the classroom.

Flipped learning reverses traditional classroom teaching by delivering core content at home, often through a pre-prepared video or a presentation. Problem-solving activities that would once have been given as homework move into the classroom to be worked on collaboratively with the teacher.

Executive Principal ACG Pathways Mark Haines said the model was well suited to international learners.

“For students whose first language isn’t English, it can be easy to not follow a lesson and then be too shy to ask for help. The flipped model allows students to watch a video that covers the key points. If they don’t understand something, they can pause and rewind in their own time.”

The model is gaining traction around the world, with research showing it can help improve results and keep students motivated.

A survey undertaken this year showed that Pathways students in flipped classes favour the approach, finding it gives them more time to ask questions and work on practical exercises with their teachers. Around 20 per cent of ACG Pathways staff are actively flipping lessons with their students.

“It has revolutionised how they teach,” Mr Haines said. “And it has given students more time to interact with their teacher and engage with the content. The model prepares them better for independence at university and helps them to be more collaborative in their approach to learning.”

ACG Pathways was the first education provider to engage the services of American flipped learning founder Jon Bergmann, bringing him to New Zealand to advise on implementing the approach.

Since adopting the model at ACG Pathways, Mr Haines has been named in the top 40 flipped learning administrators worldwide.